Deadtime Stories

Story Mode

The Deadtime Stories update introduces a brand-new way to play Zombies Monsters Robots: Story mode—where you play a series of thematically-linked maps that tell a story from the Threshold Wars.

  • Complete each of the story’s maps the requisite number of times to receive not just the rewards for finishing the individual maps, but an even better reward for finishing the whole story!
  • Play the story maps in any order you like. You don’t even have to play them all at once!
  • You can also play each story as many times as you like! You’ll get another reward each time you complete the story arc.

We’ve got three story arcs to get you started:

Song of Ice and Fire

A thousand years ago, the evil sorcerers of the Nine-Thousand Years cursed a young noblewoman and imprisoned her in an icy castle, setting in motion a chain of events leading to a massive invasion of the Earth by an army of zombies!

Reward: The Ice and Fire Reward Pack contains a randomly-determined item such as a Nemesis AR, a Dragon weapon, the Murasame sword, costumes, drone mods, or other great prizes!

The Road to Hell

Earth’s forces have been battling the Dominion in the long-dead “Coba Steps” dimension for a while now, and the fighting has awakened ancient beasts so powerful they were once worshipped as gods—angry, gargantuan gods.

Reward: The Road to Hell Reward Pack contains a randomly-determined item such as a Rail-Bow, a Cobra weapon, costumes, drone mods, or other great prizes!

War Machines

When the Dominion invades a dimension, they don’t bother carrying resources through the threshold. They raid the new dimension for its natural resources and set up factories in remote locations, to build the war machines they need to conquer us all.

Reward: The War Machines Reward Pack contains a randomly-determined item such as a Magma Grenade, a Phoenix weapon, costumes, drone mods, or other great prizes!

New Maps

  • Den of Sin

    (Kill Every Thing)

    Enter a haunted Chinese mansion where the spirit of an imprisoned noblewoman has been crying for a thousand years.

  • Burnt Bridges

    (Paranormal Ops)

    Brave countless traps and endless hordes of the undead to discover the key that unlocks a thousand-year-old tragedy.

  • The Shadow Palace

    (Threshold Defense)

    Assault the dreaded Shadow Palace—the sorcerous stronghold of the Nine-Thousand Years cult—and turn back the tide of evil before it overwhelms our world!

  • Monastery Mayhem


    Seize control of a remote monastery in the Song Mountains...y’know, for tax purposes.


  • AUGA2-AK

    The worldwide favorite AUG assault rifle—retooled for the front lines of the war against the undead.

  • K7-ZK

    Send the dead back to hell screaming—but without waking the neighbors!

  • KSG-ZK

    When things go bump in the night, you want the shotgun that goes BOOM!

  • MAG-7 ZK

    All the close-quarters damage you all the zombie-killin' you love!

Head Hunter Mode Now Available!

This update also sees the return of Head Hunter mode. As you score kills, your character's head gets bigger...and if your head reaches maximum size, you temporarily become invincible, get a random heavy weapon, and strike fear into all those who dare oppose you!

Head Hunter mode is supported on the following PvP maps:

  • Power Struggle
  • Panic Room
  • Killville
  • Rooftop Rumble
  • Final Boarding
  • Bullet Train
  • Death Metal
  • Chopping Mall
  • No Man’s Land
  • Wetworks
  • Tourist Trap
  • Code Violation
  • Ice Station Zulu
  • Lost Mountain
  • Shell Beach
  • Monastery Mayhem
  • Tribal War
  • The Grid
  • Rundown
  • Headshot Hotel