Everything you want to know about gameplay—or specific aspects thereof—is laid out in these pages for you.

Co-operative PvE Modes

Fight alongside your friends or team up with strangers as you run through maps great and small. Work your way through all kinds of enemies before breaking for lunch!

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Competitive PvP Modes

Miss the traditional shooter where you deal headshot after headshot until your competition submits? Don't worry—we haven't forgotten you!

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Missions: how to get them, what to do with them, and why you want to knock them out.

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What shooter is complete without a ton of new exciting maps? Check out this guide to get a leg up when entering any map.

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Level Rewards

What do you get for leveling up? Sure, a cool new title, but what's in it for you? Weapons? Bigger weapons? Well, find out right here!

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