Game Guide:Co-operative PvE Modes

Assault Ops | Paranormal Ops | Extinction Ops | Threshold Defense
Assault | Massive Assault | Kill Every Thing | Kill Every Thing 2

Co-operative modes pit you and your allies against groups of themed AI opponents—zombies, monsters, or robots (with more enemy types to come). And if you complete the scenario on advanced, expert, or nightmare difficulty, you’ll earn, at least, the following rewards:

  • Normal—1 Silver Bullet
  • Advanced—1 Silver Bullet
  • Expert—1 Gold Bullet
  • Nightmare—1 Platinum Bullet and 1 Nightmare Difficulty Card

You’ll also earn additional rewards depending on the specific PvE scenario you complete.

Assault Ops (3–5 Players)

Objective: Assault Ops mode sends you through a series of linked maps, culminating in a battle with a final boss.

Enemies and Obstacles: As with other Assault modes, Assault Ops is all about fighting the Dominion. Expect lots of ground troops and heavies, but also flak-cannon turrets. You might also have to dodge some environmental hazards or negotiate through some tricky terrain.

Tools and Tactics: Since you'll be assaulting Dominion positions in Assault Ops, you can expect to find plenty of ammo, grenades, special weapons, and flak-cannons you can use against them.

Bosses: Every Assault Ops campaign has a boss of some kind—and sometimes more than one.

Paranormal Ops (6–8 Players)

Objective: Paranormal Ops mode sends you through a series of linked maps, culminating in a battle with a final boss.

Enemies and Obstacles: Like the Kill Every Thing modes, Paranormal Ops pits you against the undead, so ZK weapons are the order of the day. You'll also encounter environmental hazards—traps, puzzles, and locked exits—often with zombies on your back the whole time.

Tools and Tactics: There are plenty of ammo cases, weapons, and grenades available, and unlike Kill Every Thing and Kill Every Thing 2, you don't need to earn points to access them.

Bosses: Paranormal Ops campaigns always have a boss of some kind—more than one, sometimes.

Nightmare Difficulty

You need a nightmare ticket to access nightmare difficulty (as well as having completed or unlocked advanced and expert difficulties). Each time you start a map in nightmare difficulty, you need a new nightmare ticket—even if you've unlocked it before.

In Assault Ops, nightmare difficulty gives your team a total of 25 revives—not per player, but for the whole team. In Paranormal Ops, the limit is 30. Once your team has used all of their alotted 25 or 30 revive tokens—no matter who used them—no one else can revive, and it’s game over, man.

Extinction Ops (3–5 Players)

Objective: In Extinction Ops, you'll be given a series of random wave objectives to complete before tackling the final boss.

Enemies and Obstacles: You'll encounter sabertooth tigers, dinosaurs, Dominion troops—and cyber-enhanced sabertooth tigers and dinosaurs thanks to Dominion troops. Fortunately, Assault weapons work just fine on all of them.

Tools and Tactics: You'll find plenty of ammo lying around, and it replenishes both during and between missions. Different objectives will require slightly different strategies, but if you expect to stand still for very long, you're going to want to set up some gun or grenade turrets.

Bosses: Each mission in Extinction Ops some pretty tough opponents, but you won't encounter the Tyrannosaurus-R.E.X until the final round. And you'll always encounter it, no matter the difficulty.

Threshold Defense (3–5 Players)

Objective: Prevent enemies from reaching the threshold. If too many enemies get through, you lose.

Enemies and Obstacles: Threshold Defense enemies are a mix of Dominion and zombies—so bring your Assault and ZK weapons, and be prepared to switch out as necessary! Keep an eye on the Round Info box for the composition of the enemy forces—and the Radar for their locations.

Tools and Tactics: In addition to the usual collection of ammo boxes and the odd weapon or grenade, Threshold Defense provides strategically-placed select-effect turrets (meaning that you can choose from a short list of effects when you activate it), flak-cannon turrets, teleporter pads (which you can use to get around the battlefield much faster), and a variety of environmental traps that you can use to kill the enemy—or at least slow them down.

All of these require points to use or activate, and you get those points by killing enemy forces.

Bosses: Threshold Defense generally has final bosses only on Advanced difficulty and higher.

Kill Every Thing (3–5 Players)

Objective: With Kill Every Thing mode, your goal is to survive waves of undead. The higher the difficulty, the more waves you have to survive.

Enemies and Obstacles: Zombies! Zombies everywhere! Bring your ZK weapons!

Tools and Tactics: The maps in Kill Every Thing will provide ammo and alternate weapons—but you'll have to pay for those with points you earn by killing zombies. The same is true for the doors that lead to new areas, as well as the environmental traps you'll find scattered throughout the map. (Just remember: Each trap has a cooldown before you can use it again.)

Bosses: On Advanced difficulty or higher, you're going to face a boss at the end—and usually in a confined space.

Kill Every Thing 2 (3–5 Players)

Objective: In Kill Every Thing 2, you'll once again be trying to survive waves of undead. The higher the difficulty, the more waves you have to survive.

Enemies and Obstacles: Bring your ZK weapons, because we're bringing more zombies! You'll also be presented with wave objectives—such as not repairing broken doors or windows, using only shotguns, and so on—and if you accomplish them, the next round will include a chance to claim a reward.

Tools and Tactics: Kill zombies or repair doors and windows to earn the points you need to pick up ammo and alternate weapons. You also need points to open doors to new areas and activate environmental traps.

Kill Every Thing 2 also features outside aid, in the form of a sentient loot crate. Complete a wave objective, and the sentient crate will arrive in the next round. You'll have to track him down and kill him before he vanishes—but if you do, you'll get a ZK weapon to use.

There's also a crate-smashing round: No zombies, but you have a limited amount of time to find and destroy all the crates. Inside are gold "coins" that give you more points; power-ups that boost your speed, damage, or ammo; or heavy ZK weapons that you can use until you die (or run out of ammo).

Bosses: On Advanced difficulty or higher, you're going to encounter a boss after all of the waves are done.

Assault (3–5 Players)

Objective: In Assault mode, your objective is to survive waves of Dominion troops. The higher the difficulty, the more waves you have to survive.

Enemies and Obstacles: You'll be facing the might of the Dominion, so bring your Assault weapons! Expect lots of rank-and-file troops, plus lots of heavies—especially in the later waves.

Tools and Tactics: There will be a handful of weapons and grenades scattered around, and a couple of ammo cases so you can restock.

Bosses: On Advanced difficulty and higher, you'll encounter tougher mobs, but there are no actual bosses in Assault mode.

Massive Assault (6–8 Players)

Objective: Like Assault mode, Massive Assault pits you against waves of Dominion forces. Higher difficulties mean more waves.

Enemies and Obstacles: You'll be tackling the Dominion—and lots of them. Bring your Assault weapons, and plan for hordes of heavies.

Tools and Tactics: Because these are bigger maps, there's often an overwhelming number of areas to cover. But there will also be a handful of weapons and grenades scattered around, and several ammo cases.

Bosses: You'll see more mobs and greater concentrations of heavies on Advanced difficulty and higher—but no bosses.

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