Acid Reign

Description: (8 players max) Somewhere in the flooded streets of London lies what may be the cure for the zombie plague...but is the cure worse than the disease?

PvE Modes: Paranormal Ops (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Bosses: Brood Queen (Normal, Advanced, Expert)


  • In the Outskirts, your goal is to just get through as quickly as possible. That means getting the gates open as fast as you can...because those waves of zombies are never going to stop coming on their own.
  • The Flooded Streets introduces the Razorwasps, Volcano Bees, and Crypt Moths—and you’re going to want to take them out before they, ahem, swarm you. If you don’t have turrets, make you have shotguns. Better still, assign someone with a sniper rifle to drop them while they’re still a long way off.
  • The Rock Canyon is a brutal combination of those flying insects, grenade zombies, necrosmokers, necrozerkers, and falling rocks, which are the worst of the lot (being a one-hit kill). To avoid death by falling rock, don’t hang back—and remember: The only truly safe place is by the far door.
  • The Reflecting Pool is a multi-step process—each plagued with maulers, toxic maulers, and flying insects. Hit the switch as soon as it unlocks, and that’ll start draining the pool. Hold out until the retaining walls drop. Then you get to fight a Reaperfish...or two.
  • The trick to the Halls of Power is to shoot out the power cores, then get at least one person through the raised door to hit the switch and lock the door in the open position. You’ll have your hands full with bombardiers and other zombies, but don’t forget to hit that switch!
  • The Gasworks is going to throw zombies at you from a lot of directions at once. Turrets are useful here, as are grenades (especially incendiaries and corpse callers). The key to getting through here is finding the various switches and hitting them as soon as you can.

Boss Tips:

  • Don’t expect to melee the Brood Queen. Her pincers are fast and deadly. If you must, though, just be prepared to dodge-roll a lot.
  • The Brood Queen’s pincers are pretty vicious, but her webs can slow you down and hold you in place long enough for her burrowing charge to rip you to pieces.
  • The Brood Queen will toss out some eggs from time to time. Ignore them...until they hatch into broodspawn, anyway.

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