Area 51

Description: NASA’s abandoned launch facilities make for excellent tech-scavenging. But dust storms make it hard to spot infiltrators—let alone shoot them.

PvE Modes: Massive Assault (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Boss: none

PvP Modes: Demolition, Free-for-All


  • There might be plenty of cover, but the enemy will take advantage of that to surround you. Don’t try to hunker down unless you’ve got someone to watch your back.
  • Stay together, find a defensible position, and use turrets to cover open areas. When the area gets hot, move!
  • The most defensible position is the warehouse near the crane. It’s the one place where the enemy won’t spawn in behind you.
  • When the dust starts up, drop a turret and get inside a building. The turrets can target through the dust storm better than you can.
  • The dust makes sniping difficult, but you can take cover in either end of the long axis and hold off enemies for a good long while—at least, in the earlier waves, before the enemy turns into a horde.

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