Burnt Bridges

Description: Loaded with traps and swarming with the undead, this abandoned castle holds the key to a reunion a thousand years in the making.

PvE Modes: Paranormal Ops (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Bosses: Lady Wen (all difficulties)


  • The Burnt Bridges map is a long series of “holdout” encounters, where you must survive waves of zombies to unlock access to the next area. Make sure you load up on ammo when you get the chance, before you open up the next area.
  • This map features a few new enemy types, including zombie archers and zombie fire archers. Be prepared to use cover to your advantage.
  • Lady Ping is there to help you, but at times she’ll need you to defend her. Make sure you always know where she is, particularly in relation to where the zombies are.
  • Watch out for the shifting cube traps in Round 2. If you don’t know the pattern going in, take a moment to familiarize yourself before you get pushed into a spiked pit trap...or just plain crushed.

Boss Tips:

  • Lady Wen uses fire attacks, including blazing tornados and seeking fireballs that she hurls around the map.
  • Lady Ping helps you by creating ice pillars. In the first part of the boss fight, these distract Lady Wen from you to a degree. After she fills the entire arena with fire, these ice platforms are the only safe place to stand...while they last.
  • A judicious use of turrets and pulling Lady Wen’s agro should make short work of this boss.

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