Cadaverous Isle

Description: Never has any place more deserved to be called a "hellhole" than this zombie-infested island prison.

PvE Modes: Kill Every Thing 2 (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Bosses: Hellhammer (Normal, Advanced, Expert)


  • Many of the environmental traps only slow down the zombie hordes. If you're going to use those, make sure you have the firepower to support a delaying strategy.
  • The cistern room contains a hidden switch that electrifies all the water in the room. But there's no other exit, so make sure you get as many zombies in the kill zone as possible.
  • Some rooms have windows or other openings overlooking the approach paths of zombies who aren't quite on the map yet. You can use that.

Boss Tips:

  • Like his counterpart in Gangrene Mile, as long Hellhammer is still stomping around the map, zombies will continue to spawn. This is when those environmental traps are most useful.
  • Hellhammer is a pretty straightforward boss; just keep spraying his noggin with bullets, and stay out of his reach.

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