Charnel Halls

Description: After months of psych reports, ZMR Corporation's medical staff had finally developed a drug that would let personnel get some sleep without the fevered, madness-inducing dreams of the mysterious "Night Temple." But then came nightmares of the monastery tombs, where once again humans took on the aspect of zombies and Dominion soldiers, hell-bent on destroying one another. It's almost like someone is studying our dreams to learn how to better conquer us...

PvP Modes: Mercs vs. Monsters


  • While there's an above-ground and an underground aspect to the Charnel Halls, there are no clear, elevated sight lines. Still, you can use the underground tombs to try to flank your opponents.
  • This is a large map, and cover is far scarcer in Charnel Halls than it is on the Altar States map. Resist the temptation to select those big, slow heavies unless your opponents are within striking distance.
  • First time playing Mercs vs. Monsters? Keep in mind these basic strategies:
    • When respawning, choose the unit type that best counters whatever unit type the enemy is using.
    • It's no use turtling—there are no bastions. Your best bet is to outflank your opponents.
    • Some units can turn invisible! Keep moving and listen carefully—especially if you don't know where all of your enemies are.

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