Damnation Station

Description: Somewhere between our Earth and the Dominion's lies a dimension that died long ago. But its thresholds are still active, and the enemy is using them to attack us by surprise.

PvE Modes: Threshold Defense (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Bosses: XS-22 Raptor Gunship (all difficulties)

PvP Modes: none


  • Always leave someone to defend the exit threshold!
  • The enemy consists of both Dominion and zombies, so you might want both Assault and ZK weapons.
  • The map is loaded with select-effect turrets (guns, grenades, and gravity) and traps, as well as ammo dumps.
  • Don't forget to look up! Not all of the enemy forces are on the ground.
  • The arrows at the beginning of the round show you the route the enemy forces will take to reach the exit threshold. Use that information to plan which turrets and traps to activate.
  • The red and blue swirls teleport you up to the footbridge...where the flak-cannons are located.
  • Units represented by a red dot on the radar won't try to reach the exit threshold; they're there to kill you.
  • Neither flak-cannon has a great field of fire, so don't rely on them.

Boss Tips:

  • The XS-22 Raptor attacks with cyclone guns and guided missiles. Unless you have excellent cover, try not to sit still too long.
  • The Raptor advances slowly, but it will eventually reach the exit threshold. Try to destroy it before it gets there.
  • Your best weapons against the XS-22 Raptor are the flak-cannons and the mech.

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