Dangerous Quarry

Description: Out in the wilds of Nevada is an old rock quarry that nobody wanted...so ZMR Corporation bought the land and built a refinery to process the ore used to make the metal to build mechs. Now everybody wants the quarry!

PvP Modes: Team Mech Match


  • The terrain is a bit more open than other mech maps, meaning you’ve got a much better chance at sniping.
  • The main building, in the center of the map, is loaded with turrets that are designed to take out mechs. If your mech is fading fast, try to bail out somewhere near that building, then run inside and man a turret.
  • That main building isn’t accessible to mechs from the ground. You have to go up to the roof, then drop in through one of the openings. You have to get out again the same way, so be very careful about jumping in with both feet.
  • Mech taking too much damage, and you can’t get to the health crate, duck into cover in one of the covered storage sheds, hop out, make repairs, and get back in the fight!

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