Den of Sin

Description: In a forgotten country estate, an imprisoned noblewoman has been crying for a thousand years. Who can best her vile captor and set her free at last?

PvE Modes: Kill Every Thing (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Bosses: General Sin (all difficulties)


  • Lady Ping’s ice attacks slow opponents—be sure to take advantage of that by dropping a grenade wherever she drops her ice. Don’t bother with a turret, though; she tends to move around.
  • The map on the upper floor seems enclosed, but it’s actually pretty big, and loaded with useful environmental traps. Unlock the door nearest the initial spawn point to give yourself more room to fight.
  • Once Lady Ping opens the way into the dungeons, be prepared to set up a turret or two on the landing, because you’ll be attacked from eight directions at once.

Boss Tips:

  • Your job here is once again to protect Lady Ping in the Frozen Heart; General Sin’s minions will spawn out of the ground and after lobbing a few grenades at you, start hammering on the Frozen Heart.
  • General Sin is fast and deadly. He not only moves fast when he charges, but he can teleport around the room to suit his needs.
  • After you’ve done some damage to General Sin, he’ll detach his head and send it spinning around the room, like some nightmarish lawn sprinkler—while his body continues to attack you in more conventional ways.

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