Doomtown Abbey

Description: All that remains of this once-proud site are a few central buildings and scattered plant life—and the last line of defense against a full-scale Dominion invasion.

PvE Modes: Threshold Defense (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Bosses: XS-22 Raptor Gunship (Normal, Advanced, Expert)


  • The enemy has to take a circuitous route to reach the exit portal, whereas you can charge straight up the middle, between the two buildings, to get to the main entry portal.
  • As usual with Threshold Defense maps, watch out for flying enemies. Fortunately, you have a fair amount of open sky right in front of the exit portal, so a turret here can be a big help.
  • There are a couple of side-routes that the enemy can use to get past your defenses. If you start to notice lots of escapes that you can't account for, check the perimeter near the exit portal.

Boss Tips:

  • The XS-22 Raptor attacks with cyclone guns and guided missiles. Unless you have excellent cover, try not to sit still too long.
  • Activate every automated turret you can; there's no sense hoarding your points now.
  • Your best weapons against the XS-22 Raptor are the flak-cannons and the mech.

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