Downward Spiral

Description: In a remote cave in the Yucatan is the doorway to a dimension code-named "Xibalba"—the Mayan version of hell. And on the other side is the Spiral Stairway. What lies at the other end of that will have to be a mystery.

PvE Modes: Threshold Defense (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Bosses: Gog/Magog, Behemoth (Advanced, Expert)


  • Your sight lines are pretty blocked here, so you’ll want to make sure you cover the center lanes; everything has to pass through there, anyway.
  • The turrets closes to the exit portal are also the most expensive, so move up in early rounds to get your points, and don’t worry about activating those turrets until the later rounds.
  • Sight lines for airborne targets are particularly rough, but you can stand directly in front of the exit portal and you’ll have a good straight shot (albeit through a lot of terrain) at the approaching flyers.

Boss Tips:

  • As with the Convergence map, the major achievements for Downward Spiral are not for defeating Gog and Magog, but defeating their combined version, Behemoth. Keep that in mind for your endgame strategies.
  • Gog's flames are devastating. Keep moving, and don't get pinned down by mobs of zombies if Gog has its eye on you.
  • Magog's electrical field means you won't be able to easily run past him—so use the teleport pad to flank him, instead.
  • The sight lines work more or less to your advantage here, because you have plenty of opportunities to beat down Gog and Magog before they converge.
  • Save the mech until the final round—particularly if you want to use it against Behemoth. Wait until the boss goes past, then hop in the mech and shoot the beast up from behind.

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