Forbidden City

Description: The sorcerers of the Nine-Thousand Years have claimed the Forbidden City as their domain, and remade it in their own twisted image.

PvE Modes: Paranormal Ops (Normal, Advanced, Expert, Nightmare)

PvE Bosses: Emperor of Hell (Normal, Advanced, Expert, Nightmare)


  • New to the Forbidden City? Stock up on turrets; there are places where the undead will just keep spawning until you leave the area. Corpse-callers can help, too.
  • The courtyards lend themselves well to long-range shots. Make sure your team has a few decent snipers in the mix.
  • When you're floating down the underground river, try to employ a "zone defense": Have one person snipe the bombers on the high platforms, and another can take out the explosive barrels floating in the water. Everyone else can handle all the other zombies that pop up.

Boss Tips:

  • Space is limited in the Emperor of Hell's court. You've got to keep moving, or he'll back you into a corner.
  • The Emperor is invulnerable unless you hit him in the mouth—the one in his stomach.
  • In addition to teleporting, the Emperor can fire out a cone of death and destruction that will cover half the map. Do your best to be on the other half.

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