Frozen Assets

Description: The Dominion invaded our dimension with a bare minimum of supplies...and they've been stealing them from us ever since. Now we know they've been redirecting our war matériel to their secret mech factory in the Antarctic, and it's time to shut that factory down.

PvE Modes: Assault Ops (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Bosses: Thunder Mech, Harbinger MA-07 (Normal, Advanced, Expert)


  • There are places where you can only advance if you're in a mech, so if you haven't customized at least one of your mechs, you should consider doing so before you tackle this campaign.
  • When you have the opportunity to climb into a mech, your default options are your light or medium mechs...or a heavy mech, if you've picked one up.
  • The secret to getting past the wind turbines is all in the timing. Don't dawdle—but don't try to rush through them, either.
  • When you get to the ice floes, remember that your mech's jets aren't going to take you all the way across on one jump. You're going to want to zig-zag, while dodging fire from the drones.

Boss Tips:

  • The Thunder Mech is more or less stationary, and an easy target...but unless you've got some serious weaponry, you're going to want to tackle it in a mech.
  • When you first "encounter" the Harbinger MA-F7, it lobs energy bursts at you from a distance. Don't bother firing back; it has far better range than you do. Just dodge and wait for your chance.
  • When you choose a mech to fight the Harbinger, keep in mind it is often completely out of reach of melee attacks—so a light mech's blades and shotguns are probably not a good choice.
  • The Harbinger disappears from the field every so often, for ten seconds or so. This is a great time to do some quick repairs—but watch for that big red targeting reticle that indicates where the Harbinger is going to land when it gets back.

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