Gangrene Mile

Description: Godfrey Correctional Institute was reopened to serve as a POW camp for captured enemy soldiers. Then the sickness started, and the mass deaths...and then the mass reanimations. Now it's a plague-ridden zombie spawning ground.

PvE Modes: Kill Every Thing, Kill Every Thing 2 (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Bosses: Hellhammer (Advanced, Expert)

PvP Modes: none


  • Don't unlock new areas until you have to. Having a locked door to your back is a huge advantage—and you have a ready escape when they swarm you.
  • The bunker is an ideal place to hole up: one way in, good sight lines, and a small stash of good crowd-control weapons.
  • A lot of the upper-floor windows look down on the various courtyards. Use that to your advantage—particularly if you get separated from your team.
  • The block is a bad place to get pinned down; the zombies can spawn from inside the cells.

Boss Tips:

  • Hellhammer is pretty much invulnerable; aim for his heart, not his head.
  • Hellhammer also has a short-range buff that makes other zombies electrical. They'll be slightly faster, and damage you just by getting close.
  • Your best bet is to lure Hellhammer into the cell block, then just keep kiting him.

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