Description: The Dominion conquered the Pyrenees early in the Threshold Wars, but a tactical bombing raid destroyed the region's handful of thresholds, cutting the Dominion off from their home dimension. Because the area is so remote, however, human forces found it difficult to infiltrate the area and liberate the populace. Now, a recent reconnaissance mission has revealed that the Dominion forces have settled in, establishing martial law over the human populace...and employing guillotines to execute anyone who gets out of line.

PvE Modes: Assault (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvP Modes: Elimination, Demolition, Free-for-All


  • The map may be big, even in PvE, but that just means there are more places for Dominion troops to spawn and start closing in on your position. Keep moving, and always try to leave yourself at least two avenues of escape.
  • The underground library is only accessible in PvP, so if you're fighting Dominion troops, don't waste your time trying to get down there...or even watching for enemy troops coming from that area.
  • Even though there are some underground areas in PvE, that space opens up considerably more in PvP—which is also the only time the elevators and trapdoors work.
  • In PvP, the elevators are close together, but face opposite directions aboveground; underground, they face each other. If you're quick—and the enemy isn't paying attention—you can ride one elevator down, sprint and roll across the cellar floor, then ride the other elevator back up into a flanking position.

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