Ice Station Zulu

Description: This glacier-locked base clearly served as a Dominion staging ground for some previous incursion into a dimension eerily similar to our own. Whether the whole dimension is a frozen wasteland or not is none of our concern; what matters is stopping the enemy cold.

PvE Modes: Threshold Defense (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Bosses: XS-22 (Advanced, Expert)


  • A tunnel runs from southwest corner of the map to the northeast corner, and enemies will sometimes come through there. Although you can see down into the tunnel from above, heavy ice blocks your fire...but you can still use the steam vents inside the tunnel to take them out.
  • The constricted passages mean that the enemy usually has to come at you in long lines, making it fairly easy for one merc to hold an approach with nothing but an LMG.
  • Don't wait until the boss wave to unlock the mech; it won't last long enough to do any good. Instead, use it to help get through waves of heavies.
  • There aren't many environmental traps to use on this map: just the steam vents in the tunnel, and some fire jets on the right side.

Boss Tips:

  • Like most of the gunships in ZMR, the XS-22 Raptor uses a combination of mini-cannons and homing missiles.
  • The Raptor's guns are pretty relentless, but if you need a moment to regroup, head for the tunnel or the exit portal. You can duck in and out of the entrance while you take potshots at it.
  • The gun emplacements are a good option against the Raptor if you don't have sufficiently powerful weapons, but line of sight can be difficult to maintain. Go for the ones closest to the exit portal for best coverage.

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