Lost Mountain

Description: We're holding our own against the Dominion in the cities...but who knows how many remote villages have fallen to them?

PvE Modes: Massive Assault (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvP Modes: Team Deathmatch, Elimination, King of the Hill, Demolition, Free-for-All


  • There's a one-shot bazooka in the middle of the bridge, if you can reach it. In the gully almost directly below, there's a grenade launcher.
  • This map is fairly large, with lots of cover. If you've got claymores, set them up near whatever choke points you can to slow your opponents down.
  • There are three paths that cross the entire map: the river, the parapet, and the bridge. The parapet is only open in PvP. The bridge runs almost directly from spawn point to spawn point. The gully is the only one of the three that offers multiple exits.
  • The village is heavily overgrown, which makes it hard for other players to spot you in the bushes unless they're aiming right at you. You'll probably only get one shot off before you have to find a new hiding place, though—so make it count.

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