Description: The Sweetwater Mine was an early adopter for industrial thresholds, moving coal directly from the deepest parts of the mine...but then something found a way in, turning the tunnels into deathtraps.

PvE Modes: Paranormal Ops (Normal, Advanced, Expert, Nightmare)

PvE Boss: Necropede

PvP Modes: none


  • Watch out for odd patches of dirt: Some things don’t stay buried down here.
  • To access the elevator, you need to activate the bridges—which means fighting through side passages to reach the switches.
  • Stay off the tracks! The carts are still operational, and even a glancing hit will kill you.
  • Got goo? Mucus Repellent will prove very useful in the mines.
  • Those barrels are packed with explosives! Shoot ’em out of the air—or better yet, shoot ’em out of the zombies’ hands!
  • The mines are full of hold-out rooms, where you’ll be hit by waves of zombies. Cover the entrances, look for high ledges—and watch the floor.

Boss Tips:

  • It doesn’t matter which Necropede you shoot.
  • Position your team around the room, against the walls. Do not stand between two open mineshafts!
  • Watch for poison attacks. They’ll drain your health in a flash.
  • Assign one team member—preferably the one with the most turrets—to watch the floor for necro-ticks. With your attention on the Necropede, you’re liable to miss these little monsters gnawing on your feet.

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