Mission Control

Description: The beginning of the Threshold Wars marked the end of space exploration. Threshold technology helped us create the Multinational Moon Base. Then the Dominion attacked, and we lost contact. Now, we’re finally ready to launch an archaic space shuttle to send technicians back to the Moon and reestablish the threshold link. But the Dominion has other ideas, and sent their Valkyrie Division, led by the ruthless Commander Stone, to stop the launch before it gets off the ground.

PvE Modes: Assault Ops (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Bosses: Commander Stone (Normal, Advanced, Expert)


  • Shooting the red disks on the walls always has some kind of effect. Sometimes it lets you proceed; other times, it activates some terrain feature that you can use for cover.
  • Each map in this campaign tends to be fairly large, and winding—often doubling back over itself. If you don’t rush forward each time a new area opens up, you can sometimes make use of the map layout to attack the enemy’s flanks.
  • In the "Escort Duty" portion of the campaign, you'll need to hit some red disks from a low angle. So if it seems like you're stuck, try heading downstairs.
  • The maps are also designed to give you flanking opportunities during key encounters. While most of those side passages are blocked off, there will be times when you can bypass the main enemy force and attack them from the side.

Boss Tips:

  • Commander Stone rarely stops moving for longer than a few seconds. If you want to take her down faster, you’ll want to set up some gun turrets—and then lure her somewhere so she’s in range of all of them.
  • Commander Stone is a very versatile opponent: devastating melee attacks, high-speed charges, DOTs, temporary invisibility, and holographic doubles.
  • She periodically shoots out electrical surges to blanket half the room in fields (with gaps between). When you see her jump down from the catwalk, that's what you can expect. As the fight goes on, she'll cover more and more of the room with these electrical fields.

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