Monastery Mayhem

Description: Along a narrow footpath that winds its way up a sheer cliffside in the Song Mountains, there sits an all but forgotten Buddhist monastery that may be the only place on Earth that our extradimensional invaders don’t seem interested in invading. Naturally, that makes it valuable to every one-percenter out there, so there’s a lot of money to be made securing it for just such a high-paying client.

PvP Modes: Team Deathmatch, Elimination, Head Hunter


  • Monastery Mayhem is a smallish map, with short sight lines. Load out for short- to medium-range combat. Ggrenades will be very useful, too, for flushing opponents out of the underground areas.
  • There are four avenues of approach from your spawn zone to your opponents’ spawn zone: the high ground, the catacombs under the high ground, and the side alleys.
  • The “high ground” on this map is easily accessible, and has pretty decent cover—but it’s divided into three sections, two of which only have one way up.
  • The underground area beneath the central platform provides a lot of cover for infiltrating your opponent’s side—but they’ll be trying the same tactic on you.

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