Moonbase Omega

Description: The Dominion’s base on the Moon is more than just a threshold facility. Certainly, they use it as a staging area for moving troops to other dimensions, but as they’ve demonstrated time and again, they are not afraid to develop and build some pretty titanic war machines. And this moonbase has the largest construction yard in Dominion history...

PvE Modes: Threshold Defense (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvP Modes: Juggerbot (Normal, Advanced, Expert)


  • The terrain changes between waves! Be ready for some areas to be locked off—but for other areas to open up!
  • If you get “stranded” as a result of the terrain changes, look for a damaged antenna array and repair it. That unlocks teleport platforms you can use to get back to the fight.
  • Unlocking the mech, the tank, and the assault helicopter are multi-part processes, and they all rely on the terrain being in the right configuration...and the right switches being thrown.

Boss Tips:

  • The Juggerbot is huge. Not only does it blast the combat area with waves of searing also periodically destroys the combat area with titanic stomps. Don’t get stomped...and don’t accidentally move into one of the resulting pits.
  • The mechs aren’t just there to help you deal damage. Once the Juggerbot destroys one combat area, you’ll need a mech to fly to the next one. (You do not want to be stuck on the ground.)
  • Once you’re in a mech, though, you can’t just hop out and repair it—so do your best to stay alive.

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