Description: The Multinational Moon Base was made possible by the advent of threshold technology. Years of Dominion attacks and its subsequent isolation turned the once-shining beacon of science and learning into a dark and silent tomb...and a home for the undead.

PvE Modes: Kill Every Thing (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Bosses: Mistress Monarch (Normal, Advanced, Expert)


  • The Moonstruck map starts fairly small, but still has multiple approach points for the moon zombies. Try not to get too spread out in the first wave or so.
  • Moonstruck has a high concentration of undead that utilize blinding effects. Prepare for them by picking up and equipping some mucus repellent.
  • The necro-hulks have a pretty effective damage aura. Don’t let yourself get cornered by one—particularly if there are a lot of other zombies hacking away at you.
  • Fun Fact: This mission tells the first part of the story of a research scientist from the Multinational Moon Base (she also worked briefly at the dinosaur-infested Thunder Island)—and her story continues on the Threshold Defense map called Final Frontier.

Boss Tips:

  • Mistress Monarch is all about staying out of your reach; close-range weapons won't do you any good here.
  • Mistress Monarch really only has one main attack: She hurls globs of corrupted energy, which spawn thorny eruptions if you happen to move over where they landed.
  • She'll also occasionally fills the room with a blinding light—during which she'll move across the room, stopping very briefly to punch you in the face. Watch for the globe of light to form around her—that's the sign that she's about to blind everyone, and you should dodge.
  • But just because she's now half-butterfly doesn't mean she doesn't remember how to activate the room's lasers. Those drop down from above and begin spinning quickly, so you'll need to start running to stay out of their reach.

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