Necrotic Necropolis

Description: In Egypt, threshold incursions take the form of whole cities being reshaped into ancient necropolises, and entire populations being transformed into mummified zombies.

PvE Modes: Kill Every Thing 2 (Normal, Advanced, Expert, Nightmare)

PvE Boss: Tyrant Pharaoh Khufu (Advanced, Expert, Nightmare)

PvP Modes: none


  • It might be tempting to hold out in the courtyard—but it's too exposed. The undead have multiple entryways to breach in.
  • The Tyrant Pharaoh has a long reach, and your space is limited. Watch for his windup to know where to dodge.
  • The Tyrant Pharaoh's weak spot is his face, but the more you hurt him, the more deadly his attacks become.

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