Occupied Earth

Description: The story is the same in cities all over the world: The Dominion appears, they take prisoners, and they vanish. But now they have grown bolder. Their factories in Brazil and Antarctica were just a test for full-scale bases right in the hearts of our most populous urban centers—hard to reach, but still chock-full of human beings to ship off to their own world to return as battle-frenzied thralls in their unholy army. We have to shut them down. We have to liberate the Earth.

PvE Boss: Hydra-64F Assault Gunship (Normal, Advanced, Expert, Nightmare)


  • The Dominion has solid control over the area, so expect lots of ambushes. Even when you think you've cleared a map, don't be surprised if more and bigger bad guys show up.
  • Utilize mechs and gun turrets whenever they're available. Better you spend their ammunition than yours.
  • In a couple of locations, you'll need to hammer away at a glowing, red power core to advance—but as usual, the Dominion isn't going to just stand by and watch. Make sure you've always got someone keeping an eye out for more enemy troops arriving.

Boss Tips:

  • Keep moving! The rooftop buildings provide cover...but they also spew out an endless tide of Dominion forces who will happily shoot you in the back while your attention is elsewhere.
  • Don't bunch up! Yes, there might be some ideal locations to return fire on the chopper, but its guns and rockets can lay down fire on a pretty large area—and if you're all in that area, your party is doomed.

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