Panic Room

Description: Somewhere in the bowels of an unremarkable office complex there is a room where embarrassing mistakes and incriminating data is permanently destroyed in a powerful incinerator on an automatic cycle. But right up until that point, it’s fair game, and despite the danger, mercenaries working for rival corporations often clash all around the incinerator…and even inside it.

PvP Modes: Team Deathmatch, Elimination


  • When the klaxons sound and the lights flash, you have just a few seconds to get out of the incinerator before the doors seal shut. It’s on a timer, though, so if the doors just opened, you’ve got a little while before they close again.
  • The incinerator stays open for only about 20 seconds. You get a 5-second warning (with an alarm klaxon and flashing red lights) when it's about to close, and a 5-second warning (with a different klaxon sound and a green light) when it's about to open.
  • What little cover there is in the Panic Room is destructible, so don’t expect to be able to hunker down and snipe (at least, not for very long). Gear up with short-range weapons, and get up close and personal.
  • The tight quarters here also mean that the spawn zones are pretty exposed. If you find you’re losing teammates rapidly, pull back to your spawning point and give your returning teammates some covering fire while they orient themselves.

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