Pier Pressure

Description: After mining and processing, the metal gets shipped out to mech factories all over the world. It starts by passing through the Port of Tacoma—so that’s where everyone in the war machine business conducts their raids.

PvP Modes: Team Mech Match


  • The Pier Pressure map has lots of interconnected levels, with lots of cover. There are a few clear sniping positions, but light mechs at least are better off going with blades and shotguns.
  • There are multiple routes out of each of the spawn zones; they just aren’t terribly obvious. Try not to fixate too much on the big, open doorways in the warehouses, and look for alternate routes.
  • This map is not the least bit friendly to players on foot. So make sure you have a mech equipped when you spawn in, and try not to get caught out of your mech if you have to make repairs.

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