Rail Barrens

Description: There are a handful of strip mines around the world that produce the metals we need to build mechs—so, naturally, it’s incredibly valuable to whoever controls the mine. One of these is the Coronado Mine in Arizona...and there’s some serious dispute about who has the rights to it.

PvP Modes: Team Mech Match


  • The combination of buttes and gullies make this map tricky. There’s plenty of cover on the ground, but line of sight is terrible. The buttes offer great sight lines, but virtually no cover.
  • There’s a lot of lower cover, as well, meaning that you can make good use of “pop-up” attacks: Just jump, fire, then let yourself drop back into cover.
  • Watch out for enemy mechs lurking on top of the butte by the silos, near the center of the map. You can jump off the railcars to get up there, and wait for a target to run past...or drop off the butte if things get hairy.

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