Russian Front

Description: Siberia has been off limits since early on in the Threshold Wars, but the Russian government desperately needs the military supplies stored there...and is willing to pay a significant bounty to whoever recovers them.

PvE Modes: Massive Assault (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvP Modes: Demolition, Free-for-All


  • The central building is far too open to hold for long. If you want a place you can defend for a little longer, occupy one of the second-level walkways. Bonus: They overlook the central building.
  • For defensible locations, don't overlook the supply shack: only three entrances, and there's a cyclone cannon on the floor by the open window.
  • The periodic snowstorms wreck visibility, so be prepared to retreat indoors, particularly if you've got a decent close-range weapons.
  • In Demolition mode, Objective A is easier to defend because it has a decent amount of cover, but you can cover Objective B reasonably well with a sniper rifle from the upper balcony nearby.

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