The Shadow Palace

Description: At the center of what used to be Beijing lies the Shadow Palace: a nightmarish hellscape from which the Nine-Thousand Years invades our world.

PvE Modes: Threshold Defense (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Bosses: Madame Ke (all difficulties)


  • In Wave 1, there is a pit trap conveniently placed right in front of the exit threshold. Just be sure you’re not standing on the side passages, because this pit includes a “shifting sand” element that will drag you in, as well.
  • Wave 3 introduces two-part trap triggers, which means you get the trap ready with the initial switch, but it won’t do anything until you activate a secondary switch—usually by shooting it. And it only stays active for as long as you continue shooting the secondary switch.
  • Wave 6 introduces a three-part trap trigger—and you will literally need three players to activate it.

Boss Tips:

  • The boss level here is more like a standard boss fight than the average Threshold Defense boss fight. Although minions spawn to harass you during the fight, there is no exit threshold to protect.
  • Lady Ping and Lady Wen appear partway through the fight and assist you—particularly with the minions. Between them and a well-place turret, you should be able to focus on the boss, Madame Ke.
  • Madame Ke wield fire and protects herself with flickering energy shields. She also periodically blocks portions of the arena with curtains of pink fire.
  • Madame Ke can teleport around the arena, so if she vanishes, roll out of the way quickly.

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