Shell Beach

Description: This island paradise includes a remote beach where no one ever goes...because the "sand" is composed of crushed bone and bullet casings.

PvP Modes: Team Deathmatch, Elimination


  • No need to run up the middle: All those bamboo walls make for good cover, so use it!
  • There's only three paths, so get as close as possible before you open fire. No sense giving your position away!
  • If you get pinned down, don't try to fight it out; it's too easy to outflank a stationary target here. You're better off taking your chances with a run for better cover. If you've got smoke grenades, try dropping smoke on your own position.
  • Speaking of grenades: If your opponents are clustered up, hit 'em with a flash-bang, then charge in while they're reeling—but don't try this if they're clustered up by their spawn point, or you're in for a rude turnaround.

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