Skull Island

Description: The Dominion is nothing if not resource-efficient. Rather than bring their own gunmechs into our world, they steal our materials...then capture our factories to build their war machines. This long-forgotten island in the South Pacific is just the latest of their conquests.

PvE Modes: Assault Ops (Normal, Advanced, Expert, Nightmare)

PvE Bosses: Thunder Mech & Lightning Mech (Normal, Advanced, Expert, Nightmare)


  • Clearing the Dominion troops out of the village is a pretty standard procedure: Just keep moving and keep shooting. There are a couple of choke points where they have to come through a doorway all at the same time, so be sure to use grenades to slow them down.
  • After you clear the village, you’ll have a chance to hop in some mechs and fight your way out of an ambush in the village square. You should consider keeping one or two members of your team on foot, using small-arms fire to support the sustained fire (but limited mobility) of the mechs.
  • A short distance down the hill, you’ll encounter a similar ambush, but the main enemy force is on the far side of the lagoon. The whole group can pile into mechs here, if you like—but beware of ground troops attacking you from your blind spots. Make sure you cover each other as much as you can.
  • Once you get aboard the hovercraft, you’ll be dealing with one or two attack helicopters. They’re relatively easy to take down (especially if you use the deck-mounted gun turrets).
  • Your real challenge comes in storming the beach on the far island. There’s barbed wire barricades blocking the way, so don’t be tempted to rush in right away. Assign players to snipe the Dominion’s snipers, work your way up from cover to cover, and watch behind you for flankers. Once your supply chopper drops your mechs, mount up and head inland fast!
  • Your last stop on the island tour is a big open area where you can fight in mechs or on foot, and again, you’ll probably benefit from splitting your options. (Snipers are very effective at taking out gun turret operators.)

Boss Tips:

  • The Thunder & Lightning Mechs aren’t particularly tough foes, as long as you concentrate fire to take one down as fast as possible. Just don’t completely ignore the other one while you do; split up into two teams, with the smaller team just keeping the second mech distracted.
  • The Thunder Mech has guns and occasionally unleashes a kind of “laser curtain” that fries anything within close range. Concentrated fire will take the Thunder Mech down pretty quickly.
  • The Lightning Mech fires rocket salvoes and has a laser weapon that can hit you from a considerable distance away. Even in a mech, you’ll want to stay mobile to avoid getting burned.

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