Stone Cold

Description: Weather Station Sierra is famous for being the site of the very first successful threshold device...and the first threshold incursion. And despite the bitter cold, it's still an extremely valuable piece of real estate.

PvE Modes: Assault (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvP Modes: Demolition, Free-for-All


  • For the first round, you're pretty much confined to one building. One of the doorways unlocks after a few waves, allowing you to branch out into the courtyard.
  • This "locked door" situation means that you need to let enemies get relatively close before you kill them, if you want to scavenge their gear and ammo. If they drop on the wrong side of the doorway, their loot will be out of reach.
  • The limited combat space means it's easy to get boxed in, so don't expect to be able to hole up anywhere for very long. It's best to keep moving and rely on all the cover afforded by the shipping containers in the courtyard.
  • In Demolition mode, there's a back corner that offers a view of both objectives. A sniper with a good scope can cover either objective fairly well.

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