Description: Pirates and smugglers have been using Dominion tech to attack cargo ships—and now they've captured a naval base with two nuclear subs in dock.

PvE Modes: Assault Ops (Normal, Advanced, Expert, Nightmare)

PvE Bosses: The Kraken battle sub (all difficulties)

PvP Modes: none


  • There are barrels full of explosive fuel scattered around the base. Use ’em (but don’t use ’em for cover)!
  • There are lots of snipers, particularly in the outdoor areas. Bring along a sniper rifle of your own.
  • In the warehouse with the platform, you have to hold out until the door opens—and you'll have enemies coming at you from everywhere. (This is a good place to bring out your turrets.)
  • You can also make good use of the cutting laser trap. But be careful: Anyone on the warehouse floor will be cut in two, including your teammates.
  • The “corridor of cores” is a serious challenge, even in Normal mode. Just keep up the pressure on the red sensor cores—but make sure someone is taking out the enemy forces. (This is another good place to bring out your turrets.)

Boss Tips:

  • The Kraken attacks primarily with cyclone guns and guided missiles—and there's not much cover on your boat. Watch the deck for targeting markers, then get clear of them!
  • Hammer that main sensor point! That's where the Kraken is most vulnerable.
  • Take out the Kraken's weapons, and it can't use them until the pirates repair them.
  • The ballistic missiles the Kraken launches from its missile bays are slow, but if they hit your deck, you're doomed. Take them out before they reach their targets.

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