The Grid

Description: The only problem with live-fire training exercises is the “live fire” part. Trainees get maimed or killed, someone wants compensation…it’s a pain. Fortunately, IT came up with this great solution: virtual combat simulators. Just like real combat, except that HR doesn’t have to do as much paperwork!

PvP Modes: Team Deathmatch, Elimination


  • Because the walls are so featureless, it's easy to get turned around. Just remember that the grid lights are colored red and blue (to match the teams), with the white lights indicating "neutral" ground.
  • Each spawn zone has a nearby teleport pad that can be used to cross gaps and flank opponents.
  • Those teleport pads are one-way, so don't worry too much about your opponents using them to invade your spawn zone. Just be aware that the destination pads are pretty much right out in the open, and you might just be teleporting into a hail of bullets.
  • In the center of the map, there are three "crushers" that cycle about every 20 seconds, with a 5-second "warning" glow that lets you know that a crusher is coming down. Under the center crusher there's a grenade launcher—the only freebie heavy weapon on the map.

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