The Pit

Description: The influx of POWs motivated a number of governments to reopen abandoned penitentiaries. When they got sick, everyone knew what was coming—so they locked all the doors and just walked away.

Then someone unlocked the cells...

PvE Modes: Kill Every Thing 2 (Normal, Advanced, Expert)

PvE Boss: The Executioner (Advanced and Expert only)

PvP Modes: none


  • The “rolling pin” trap cuts down zombies—and mercs. If you don’t have an E-ZK Corpse Caller grenade, you might have to assign someone to play the bait.
  • There are a lot of relatively defensible positions, but don’t get sentimental. Once the zombies build up, it’s best to move on.
  • Look for traps to use against the zombie hordes—just don’t get caught in them, yourself.

Boss Tips:

  • The Executioner takes a few seconds to charge up his electrical attack. Use that time to drop a grenade and get clear.

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