Game Guide:Customization

You can customize your character’s appearance with equipment and costumes. Just like weapons, you just equip them by selecting them in your inventory (from the Gear tab). Appearance items and equipment work slightly differently from each other, though.

  • Gear is bought or earned in pieces—head, torso, arms, legs, and feet—and you equip them individually. You can mix and match however you like for a unique look. Normal equipment frequently provides bonuses to armor, experience, and gold.
  • Costume items are entire skins, and they can be equipped over normal equipment. For example, you can gear up individual gear pieces—hats, jackets, pants, and so on—then put on a costume on top and still maintain the benefits of the individual pieces of gear.

Note that the game will not allow you to buy clothing and armor that you cannot wear: If you have a male character, you can’t dress him up in female outfits. But you can buy clothing and armor items to send to other characters, if they’re the right gender.

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