Game Guide:How to Get Gear

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Looking to upgrade your equipment? Maybe you’re thinking of redefining your style? Here’s your complete guide on how to get cool stuff for ZMR!


ZMR’s in-game store is your one-stop shop new weaponry, gear, items, and more!

You can either search for specific items in a category by entering search terms in the box at the bottom-left, or cycle through the various pages in a category by clicking the counter at the bottom-center of each window.


Got more gold than you have EMP? No worries. Click the tabs on the left to show only the items in the store you can purchase with whichever currency you prefer.

Different items are offered for each currency, so be sure to browse them all. Items are offered for only one type of currency at any given time (are not repeated across different currency types).

The VIP store features exclusive, yet unreleased items, in addition to free trials of various weapons offered for purchase with Gold or EMP.

Here’s a quick rundown of where to find exactly what you’re looking for:

Hot Items

This tab features the most popular store items in addition to newly added and discounted items.


Looking for the right combination of weapons to suit your play style? Click the Weapon tab for the complete selection, and go straight to the tab you need: handguns (and melee weapons), shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles, LMGs, sniper rifles, and grenades.


Don’t be caught dead in a drab uniform! Click on the Gear tab to browse through our entire catalog of complete outfits—or click on the body part sub-tabs to mix and match gear pieces to create a unique outfit of your own.


It’s not the firepower—it’s how you use it. Use your firepower more effectively with weapon mods! The Mods tab has everything you need to upgrade your gun’s capabilities, from silencers and bayonets to scopes and sights.


The right piece of equipment can make all the difference. Pick up the pace with a movement device, bump up your health, or just load up on extra magazines. You can’t go wrong. Note that you start with only two tech slots. You can unlock up to six slot by purchasing “Device Slot 2” and “Device Slot 3” from the Items category in the store.


Looking for more auto-turrets? Every one of them is available in the Items tab, along with custom art cards, loadout slot unlocks, and revive tokens! This tab also features “Big-Time” boxes which offer a chance at permanent weaponry!

As you complete PvE scenarios and missions, you earn bullets: silver for advanced difficulty missions, gold for expert missions, and platinum for nightmare difficulty. You can then click on these bullets in your inventory to go to the shooting gallery, where you choose one of six targets to determine your prize. The better the bullet, the better the prizes!

Can’t decide which one to choose? For a small EMP fee you can “peek” behind a target—or behind all of them for slightly more.

What kind of prizes are we talking about?

  • Use silver bullets to win temporary (or permanent) gold mods and tech, card art, gold weapons, and special weapons (assault and ZK).
  • Use gold bullets to win temporary (or permanent) mods and tech normally purchased only with EMP, exclusive mods and more advanced tech, card art, EMP weapons, and special weapons (assault and ZK).
  • Use platinum bullets to improve your chances of getting temporary (or permanent) version of the items listed above, plus a chance at winning ultra-rare platinum weapons.

Loot Cases

When you do well in PvP matches, you earn loot cases. You can unlock loot cases with key cards, and you can pick those up (1 at a time, or in packs of 10) from the store. Each loot case contains a random item, ranging from costume pieces and items on up to permanent weaponry:

  • Turrets
  • VIP Access Cards
  • Revive Tokens
  • EMP Weapons
  • Special Weapons (Assault and ZK)
  • Exclusive Costumes
  • Card Art

To access loot cases, just click on either the loot case or the key card in your inventory. This opens the loot chest window, which shows you how many chests and key cards you have, along with the list of what you can win. Just click on the big red button to use an key card to open up the loot case and claim your prize!

Mission Rewards

You can also win rewards just for completing missions! These rewards include things like temporary weapons, tech, revive tokens, and bullets to use in the shooting gallery. Some missions are even repeatable daily, allowing you to come back every day to win additional items.

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