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Curious about all those items in the ZMR store and how they work? This guide has everything you need to know.


Need a little extra firepower to cover your back? You need a turret. Turrets are available from the items tab in the in-game store, and come in several varieties: grenade, flame thrower, gravity field (slowdown), ammo supply, defense field, and the old reliable chaingun turret. You can buy them one at a time or in packs of 10 or 50.

Once you have them, you don’t need to equip them. As long as they’re in your inventory, you can just hit [V] during combat to bring up the turret interface. Pick one, then left-click to place it.

Key Cards

Key cards open loot cases. You need one of these if you want to unbox the goodies inside a loot case! It takes one card to unlock one case. You can also give them to friends as gifts by clicking the “Send” icon during purchase.

Difficulty Unlock Cards

In a hurry to play ZMR on advanced difficulty? Expert? Nightmare? Each unlock card lets you unlock a difficulty level on one map—one per difficulty, up to nightmare. Just click on the light gray “lock” icon on the difficulty tab when you’re creating a room. (You’ll also need to go through this unlocking process to get into someone else’s room—even if they invite you.) Remember: You must unlock difficulty levels in sequence. For example, advanced difficulty must always be unlocked before you can unlock expert difficulty. This will consume a difficulty unlock card in your inventory, and you'll gain access to the next difficulty level on that map.

Nightmare Tickets

Nightmare difficulty is no joke and is for serious players only. Because of the skill level required, you’ll need a nightmare ticket to enter a game on nightmare difficulty. This “admission fee” is a symbol of your dedication to completing the scenario and ensures that everyone on your team is equally dedicated.

Nightmare tickets can be purchased directly from the in-game store or acquired from the shooting gallery.

Nightmare difficulty is currently only available on select maps with more to be added in the future. For more information, visit our maps guide.

Business Card

Your business card serves as a report of your performance in ZMR: Anyone who looks at it gets a solid picture of what kind of player you are. It details your level, your wins and losses in both PvP and PvE, and how many times you’ve left a map without finishing. You can personalize the icon with any of the medals you’ve earned so far.

You can also personalize the card background by clicking on the icon and selecting the “Background” tab. Here, you’ll see all of the card art you’ve purchased or acquired, along with a preview of how they’ll look in use.

EXP Boost Cards

Experience boost cards let you level up faster by giving you a 50 percent increase to the experience you gain for a full day. Just purchase it from the store, then open your inventory and click the “use” button.

Gold Boost Cards

As with experience boost cards, gold boost cards increase the gold you earn from playing by 65 percent for the full day. Purchase it from the store, find it in your inventory, click “use,” and start enjoying the benefits of extra earnings!

VIP Cards

A VIP card is your pass to an elite account tier in ZMR. Using a VIP card gives you one month of +30 percent experience bonus, +30 percent gold bonus, access to VIP-only items and rooms, a VIP player card, and other perks. Keep in mind that the experience and gold bonuses granted through VIP status do not stack with the bonuses gained from EXP boost cards and gold boost cards. If an EXP boost or gold boost is activated while your VIP status is active, those boosts will apply instead of your VIP status boosts.

Account Service Items

Having a little “customization remorse”? The in-game store offers items to let you change your base character without having to start all over. You can pick up a voice card, a hair card, or a face card. Once purchased, just locate these items in your inventory and click “use” to browse the character creation options again.

Loadout Slots

Every character starts with two loadout slots—which you can use to tailor your weapons and gear for whatever mode you’re playing—but you can unlock two more with loadout unlock cards, available in the ZMR store’s items tab. Purchase them, then find them in your inventory, click “use,” and your new loadout slot will open up for you.

See more about loadouts in out loadout guide.

Tech Slots

While you’re picking up new loadout slots, you can also open up new tech slots! Just pick up a device slot unlock card from the in-game store, locate it in your inventory, and click “use,” and you’ll open up additional slots in your loadouts: one for universal devices, and one in PvE-only devices.

Revive Tokens

Revive tokens allow you respawn mid-wave in PvE modes like Kill Every Thing and Assault. They can be earned by completing missions or consuming bullets in the shooting range. They can also be purchased directly from the in-game store individually or in stacks of twenty and fifty.

Big-Time Boxes

Big-Time Boxes offer the chance to acquire a permanent version of a weapon below their typical cost. Big-Time Boxes guarantee you a weapon in a 3-day duration, but they can also yield the same weapon in 7, 30, 180 day, or permanent durations. The resulting item’s duration is determined upon clicking the “use” button on the Big-Time Box (accessed from the “Items” inventory in your Locker).

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