Game Guide:Inventory and Loadouts

Loadouts | Weapon Mods | Consumable Items | Combining Items | Renewing Items

Now that you’ve picked up all that great weaponry and gear from the store, shooting gallery, and those missions you’ve completed, how do you use it?


When you open your inventory, the default menu is for loadouts: the builds you define for your character, tailored for zombies or enemy soldiers in PvE or facing off against other players in PvP. You set up your loadouts by clicking on each slot in the loadout, then equipping that slot from the listed options.

Some of the loadout and device slots will be locked initially. You can purchase more loadout and tech slots from the store to open those up.

Remember: Because only one loadout is active at a time, you don’t need to buy weapons, gear, and tech multiple times to include it in different loadouts. Each loadout effectively treats your inventory as a fresh slate. Mods are an exception—any mods affixed to weapons will persist on all loadouts.

Equipping, Removing, and Deleting Items

You can equip items by clicking on the “equip” button on the item list or un-equip them by clicking on the “remove” button. If you don’t want them in your inventory at all, you can just click on the garbage icon. Don’t worry: You’ll be asked to confirm whether you really want to delete an item; some even require you to enter a password first.


The first two slots in your loadout are for primary weapons: assault rifles, SMGs, sniper rifles, LMGs, and shotguns. There’s also a slot for a sidearm or melee weapon, and another for your preferred grenade.

You can further equip primary weapons and sidearms with mods; see below.

Tech (Passive Perks)

Each loadout has space for three universal items and three PvE-only items.

Common tech comes in a wide variety, from extra ammo and grenade capacity to devices that let you move faster, heal faster, or resist certain kinds of damage. There are a lot of options and combinations, so you might need to experiment a bit before you settle on what works best for you. It can be beneficial to set up unique loadouts for different modes of play to streamline pre-match setup.

Weapon Mods

Once you’ve equipped the firearms you like best, it’s time to customize them. Click on the Mods tab in your inventory, then click on the weapon you want to modify, then the firearm component: muzzle, barrel, magazine, and stock, as well as top, bottom, left, and right attachments. This brings up the list of mods you can purchase and equip in those slots. (Note that not all weapons can have mods in every slot.)

If you’ve already got the mod in your inventory, it’s as simple as selecting it and clicking “equip.” If you don’t own the item, though, you’ll need to purchase it: Just click the “buy” button—or choose a duration first, then click the “buy” button. You can then equip it.

Consumable Items

Some items can be used only once before they’re gone forever—like revive tokens, bullets, turrets, difficulty unlock cards, and so on. These appear under the Items tab in your inventory.

You generally don’t need to equip these: They’re either considered equipped (for things like turrets), or you just click on “use” in your inventory to activate and consume them. Using some of these consumable items takes you to a new menu, where you have the option of backing out if you’re not quite ready to use the item, after all.

Combining Items

You’ll find that you pick up a lot of duplicate items in ZMR, often because you win something you already had—and they utilize space in your inventory. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave them as separate items: Just click on the Combine tab, select the applicable items from your inventory, and click on “merge.” This will turn them into one item with a combined duration (if applicable). For example, if you have a 3-day M14A1 and a 7-day M14A1, they’ll combine into one 10-day M14A1.

If you’ve got a lot of items like this, you can save time by just clicking on “merge all.” The game automatically combines all duplicate items of the same type in your inventory. This is a great way to quickly free up some inventory space.

Renewing Items

Some items have durations, meaning sooner or later they’ll run out, and you’ll find them missing from your inventory. You can either repurchase them, or if it hasn’t been too long since they expired, you can open the Renew tab and recharge them more easily.

Just click on the item you wish to renew, then click the “select equipped” button and hit “recharge.” The cost of the item will be deducted from your available funds.

If you’ve got multiple items, you can select several at once to renew. You can also just choose “select all” and renew everything that’s expired.

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