Game Guide:Interface and Controls

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While playing ZMR, you’ll spend the bulk of your time in two areas: the main menu and in-game scenarios. Learning to navigate through these two areas quickly and easily will help you enjoy the game that much more.

Menu Interface

The main menu is where you’ll purchase and equip gear, interact with friends and corp members, personalize your character and business card, and—of course—find maps and matches.

Main Tabs

Six tabs span the top of the main menu: War Rooms, Locker, Store, Missions, Corporations, and Ranked PvP Match. Clicking any of these will open windows that allow you to perform various functions.

War Rooms

Click the War Rooms tab to open the window where you can create or join rooms to play ZMR.


Click the Locker tab to open the window where you can select your weapon loadouts, mod your weapons, or view your inventory.


Click the Store tab to open the window where you can purchase weapons, items, and equipment using gold, rep, or En Masse Points (EMP).


Click the Missions tab to open the window where you can view all the missions you have available and what you need to do to complete each one.


Click the Corporations tab to open the window where you can join a corporation or check to see what’s happening inside your own corp. Corporations are clans in ZMR, for more information about creating or starting a corp. visit our “social” guide.

Ranked PvP Match (Corporate Ladder)

Click the Ranked PvP Match tab to access the ranked matchmaking window. This tab takes you away from the main menu. Click [Back] to return.

Business Card

Your player business card (upper left corner of the screen) displays information about your ZMR career, including level and rank, corporation affiliation, wins and losses in PvP and PvE, and achievement points. Two buttons on the card give you access to stats and options.

Player Info

Click your avatar image to open the player info window. Here you can change your avatar image to display medals or achievement icons you’ve earned, swap out your existing card art for some snazzy new art you found or purchased, or change your personal information and password.

Player Details

Click the [Details] button to open a window where you can view your achievements, accumulated career stats—such as kills and deaths in various modes and matches—plus every medal you’ve earned while playing ZMR.

Social Features

You will find the buttons to access the ZMR social features along the left side of the screen. From top to bottom, these buttons are: Socials, Mail, and Rankings.


Click the [Socials] button to open the window where you can view other players in the lobby, check your friends list, or see who’s online in your corporation. You can also select players and add them to your friends list, send messages to them, or join their games and matches.


Click the [Mail] button to open your mailbox. Here you can view mail messages you have received, open gifts you’ve been sent, and send mail messages to other players.


Click the [Rankings] tab to view the current player rankings on the server.

Chat Window

The ZMR chat window is located in the lower-left corner of the screen. Press [Enter] to begin typing a message. You can use slash commands to whisper to individual players (/w), send messages to the entire lobby (/s), or talk to members of your corporation (/g). To send messages to the entire server, you’ll need to purchase a megaphone from the store. The megaphone is consumed when you send the message.

System Controls

The three icons in the upper-right corner of the screen give players access to the lobby list, the settings menu, and the exit screen.

Back to Lobby

Click the back to lobby icon [ ] to return to the lobby list. Once there, you can choose a new lobby or switch between PvP and PvE lobbies.


Click the settings icon [ ] to open the setting menu. Here you can change your video and sound settings, set key bindings, and alter game and control settings.


Click the exit icon [ ] to open a window where you can exit the game or access the lobby list. In this window, you can also view stats from your current game session, see how much EXP you need for your next level, and check what missions you still need to complete.

Game Interface

The ZMR game interface keeps your view of the surroundings uncluttered while providing important information at a glance around the edges of the screen.


The mini-map is placed in the upper-left corner of the screen. It displays an outline of your immediate surroundings and shows enemies and allies within range as red and green dots, respectively. Yellow squares are ammo boxes while blue dots show turrets placed by you or your allies.


These status bars keep track of your current round and how much time is left in it, as well as any mission-specific information like how many enemies remain. In PvE, the tally shows the number of opponents you need to kill to end the round; in PvP, the function of the tally varies, depending on the mode:

  • Team Deathmatch: The tally tracks how many kills each side has scored.
  • Elimination: The tally indicates how many kills each side has scored.
  • Demolition: The tally tracks how many rounds each side has won.
  • Free-for-All: The tally tracks the number of kills each player has scored.

Recent Kills

A running list of enemies your group has killed will scroll down the right side of the screen from the upper corner. This listing shows who scored the kills and what weapons were used. Any headshots scored are highlighted with a special icon.


The crosshairs appear in the middle of the screen. The crosshairs narrow when you aim, and turn red when you catch an enemy within your sights. You can turn off the crosshairs in the settings menu. You can also purchase red-dot sights and scopes for many weapons that will help zero in on your targets when aiming.

Action Info

If you can interact with an object in the world of ZMR, it will display info about the action in the middle of your screen, beneath your crosshairs. Generally, you will press [E] to interact with these objects. You can turn off these action messages in the settings menu if you prefer to not see them.


The chat window is located in the lower-left corner of the screen. It displays mission updates as you battle and provides allies a way to send messages to you during the game.


The green bar in the lower-right corner of the screen depicts your health. As you take damage, the green bar will shorten and change color to yellow and then orange, and finally red as you get dangerously close to death. In addition, once your bar turns red, you will hear heartbeats through the game’s sound system to alert you of your impending demise.


Above your health bar, you will find information about your weapons and ammo, including which weapon you currently have equipped and how much ammo is left in your clip and carried magazines. Whenever you switch weapons, boxes will appear for a short time showing the total ammo available for each of your weapons.

Key Functions

The keyboard controls in ZMR should feel familiar to most game players. You move with the WASD keys, aim with your mouse and fire with the left mouse button. However, ZMR does provide a few special actions to help you move through maps, meet interesting enemies, and kill them.


ZMR uses [W] to move your character forward, [S] to move backward, and [A] and [D] to strafe left and right. You use the mouse to turn your body as you move or to look around and aim. The [Space Bar] is used for several special movements—running, rolling, and taking cover—depending on context or how you press the key.


To run, press and hold [Space Bar] while pressing [W]. If you hold [Space Bar] while moving backward [S] or when strafing [A] or [D], you will turn in that direction and begin running forward.


Double tap [Space Bar] to perform a roll in the direction you are moving. You can roll forward, backward, or even sideways depending on which movement key you are holding when you perform the roll. You can make rolls occur on a single tap by deselecting “Double-tap space bar to roll” in the [Game Controls] tab of the settings menu.

Taking Cover

You can take cover behind certain pieces of terrain by pressing the [Space Bar] when standing next to them. You can even move back and forth in cover by using the strafe keys [A] and [D] or leave cover by pressing [S]. You can also crouch when standing behind cover by pressing [C]. Press [C] again to stand or [S] to leave cover.


Your character can interact with many objects in the ZMR game world. To interact with an object, press [E] when standing next to or over it. Some examples include:

  • Opening ammo and weapon boxes
  • Picking up weapons
  • Healing downed allies
  • Executing downed enemies
  • Opening doors
  • Throwing switches
  • Repairing windows


Shooting monsters in the face in ZMR is pretty straightforward. You move your crosshairs with your mouse and press [LMB] to fire. However, ZMR has a few extra weapon commands you’ll need to learn.


Perhaps the most important control to understand is how to reload the magazine on your weapon. To begin a reload, press [R]. The reload bar will appear in the middle of your screen, just below your reticle, and a line will begin moving across it. To complete your reload quickly, press [R] again when the line reaches the white section. If you press [R] before the line reaches the white section, or after the line passes through the gray section, you must wait all the way to the end of the reload bar.


Press and hold the right mouse button to make your character aim more carefully. Aiming does two things: It narrows the crosshairs slightly to provide better focus, and it makes you move more slowly. If you have a laser sight attached to your weapon, aiming will also paint your target with a red dot to give you precise control. (Can you say “headshot”?) If you don’t want to hold the mouse wheel button to aim, you can turn it into a toggle by selecting “Click to Zoom” in the [Game Controls] tab of the settings menu.

Using a Scope

If you are using a weapon with a scope attached, you have an additional option when aiming: Click or spin the middle mouse wheel to zoom in through the scope.

Switching Weapons

You can carry three weapons into battle with you in ZMR—primary, secondary, and side arm—as well as grenades. To switch quickly between weapons, simply press [1] for primary weapon, [2] for secondary weapon, [3] for side arm, and [4] for grenades. You can also use the mouse wheel to cycle through your available weapons. Some scenarios give you mission-critical equipment, which you can usually access by pressing [5].

Tossing Grenades

To quickly toss a grenade, press [G]. Adjusting your field of vision higher will enable you to throw the grenade farther.

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