Game Guide:New Player's Guide

Character Creation | Tutorial | Starting Equipment | Joining Matches and Maps

Welcome to ZMR! We know you’re eager to get in the game and start shooting stuff, so let’s get you all set to go.

Character Creation

After logging in, you’ll see the character screen. Click [Create Character] and choose your options. If you’ve played other video games, you’ve seen this sort of thing before. If you're new to character creation, though, just choose your gender, facial features, and hair style, play around with skin and hair color, and choose a voice that speaks to your inner soldier. You can even mix and match your starting clothing to get a look you like. (Don't worry: You'll have a chance to try on new outfits later, after you've played a bit.)

Then, just type in a name for your character, click [Create] and you’re done—simple as that.


After creating your character, click [Continue] to enter the lobby selection menu. You can choose to enter PvP or PvE. For now, choose PvE and select one of the normal lobbies from the next menu.

When you load into the lobby the first time, you will receive some starting equipment, including an assault rifle, machine gun, handgun, grenades, boosts for EXP and gold, and a package of revive tokens. You’ll also see a series of mission notices (see our Mission guide for more information).

One of your first missions is to complete the tutorial, which begins as soon as you click through the mission notice windows. Completing the mission will net you another assault rifle and a knife (for close encounters).

We highly recommend you follow through the tutorial to the end, even if you’re familar with other online shooters. ZMR does have a few unique commands—like crouching, blind-firing, healing teammates, and bashing monsters with the butt of your rifle—that you’ll want to learn so you can stay alive long enough to become the top monster-murdering mercenary!

After the tutorial, you get a mission to complete zombie training, which nets you your first piece of armor. You also learn to reload your guns (sounds easy, but reloading in ZMR is a bit more demanding than in other games).

If you prefer to just get right to the real fighting, you can escape out of the tutorial or the zombie training entirely. However, upon completing these training sessions, you will earn enough experience to gain a level and pick up some important mission rewards so you might want to complete anyway so you don’t miss out.

If you want to learn more—about fighting from cover, firing sniper rifles, or moving quickly through areas—before you group up with other players, ZMR provides several extra training tutorials, plus a live exercise level where you can practice with your new weapons. To access these extra training options, click [Basic Training] above the room list window (click the [War Rooms] tab to open the room list window). You can even replay the tutorial and zombie training here.

Starting Equipment

After the tutorial, you’ll end up back at the main ZMR menu. Before you jump into battle, though, you may want to equip the armor you earned from the training mission, change your weapon loadout, or even buy some new equipment.

Click the [Locker] tab on the main menu to open the window containing your equipment. Click [Gear] at the top of the window and then select the [Armor] tab. Click on the “Body” slot and equip your new armor. It won’t actually stop any bullets, but our tests have shown that you’ll feel 49 percent cooler.

Now click [Loadouts] to see the weapons you have equipped. Look, you already have a SCAR-L assault rifle set as your primary weapon! This is a permanent weapon that you can never lose or destroy. It has decent power and accuracy, but cannot be modified. You’ll want to replace that when you’ve completed a few missions and gotten a few paychecks.

Your other loadout slots contain the rest of your starting equipment: the M249 SAW machine gun, your M1911 pistol, and your frag grenades. These are all serviceable gear if you want to jump right in and begin killing monsters, but you can also change some of them out for gear you earned from the training missions. You can even add the mods you earned to your machine gun if you like. See our Loadouts guide for more information on how to equip loadouts and our Modding guide to learn more about modifying weapons.

Additionally, if the gold you earned from training and leveling up is burning a hole in your pocket, you can head over to the store to see what you can purchase (see our Store guide for more information).

Joining Matches and Maps

Once you’re happy with your loadout, it’s time to start shooting stuff. If you want to battle against other players, you’ll need to back up to the lobby selection window first. Click the back arrow icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. This will bring up the lobby selection menu. From there you can choose PvE or PvP again and find a suitable lobby.

When you enter a lobby, the room list will automatically appear. This shows all the active rooms in that lobby. Each room listing shows how many players are inside the room, and which maps and modes those rooms are playing. For information on available maps and modes, check out our Maps guide, our Co-op PvE modes guide, or our Competitive PvP modes guide.

To get started quickly, simply select a room with space available and click [Enter] to join. You’ll be added to the room and transported to the waiting area where you can see the teams and select your active loadout. When you’re ready to join the battle, click [Ready].

If you’re joining an in-progress PvP match, you may have to wait until the current round ends before you can join the action. If you are joining an in-progress PvE game, you can use a Revive Token by pressing F8 to enter the battle immediately, or wait for the other players to complete the current wave of monsters and then join them for the next wave.

If you don’t want to join an existing room, or you can’t find one that interests you, you can always create your own room and invite people to join you in battle. For help on creating rooms, check out How to Enter Modes.

ZMR is everywhere you are. Follow our communities for the latest news, exclusive giveaways, and cool content. It’s also a pretty good way to connect with the ZMR team directly.