Drones are invading ZMR!

Drones are invading ZMR!

Presenting four fully-armed drones, each armed to the teeth and ready to assist you in battle! Each drone type has four levels of rarity (Mk.I, Mk.II, Mk.III, and Epic), drone skill mods to equip, and not one but two ways to level them up! It's all here in the drone guide.

Also in this update, you'll find a completely revised level rewards system, new items for the gold store, new maps, and a whole new mode: Capture the Flag!

Read on!

Gatling Gundrone

Retroengineered from Dominion technology, Gatling Gundrones feature a rotary micro-cannon bolted to a standard hover-engine frame. Among the other skill mods you can equip on this drone, you can equip "Gundrone Overdrive"—giving your Gatling Gundrone even more damage-dealing potential!


A major advance in drone technology, the Thunderdrone mounts a miniature grenade launcher to the hover-engine. In addition to the standard skill mods, the Thunderdrone also takes the exclusive "Thunderstrike" mod—giving your drone a chance to kill off wounded enemies for you!


The Dragondrone uses a high-voltage attack to deliver some "shock and awe!" You can equip it with all the usual skill mods, plus the exclusive "Dragondrone Storm," which continues dealing damage to targets after the drone tags them!


Developed as a mining tool, the Lazerdrone is heavily modded for combat use, turning its drilling lasers into killing lasers! On top of a standard complement of skill mods, the Lazerdrone can also utilize the "Lazerdrone Taser," which enhances its burst-shot damage with an ongoing effect.

New Maps

  • Occupied Earth

    (Assault Ops)

    Take the Earth back from the Dominion...city by city, street by street!

  • Charnel Halls

    (Mercs vs. Monsters)

    Ride the nightmare to another dimension with the new Mercs vs. Monsters map!.

  • Guillotine

    (Assault and PvP)

    The Dominion has brought the Terror back to a remote Basque town!

  • Chopping Mall

    (Assault and PvP)

    Get ready to hit the mall...with everything you've got!

  • Rundown


    A bustling market district, popular with tourists, the lunchtime crowd...and Dominion invaders!

Major Game Changers 

New Level Rewards

We have completely revamped the level rewards system! Now you get permanent mods at each level, permanent weapons (including Emerald weapons, with bigger magazines) every five levels, and as you approach the level cap, free Mk.III drones!

You can see the whole list of new level rewards here.

Already leveled up? Don’t worry! Any rewards or Threshold boxes you already qualify for will be delivered to your in-game email! Learn more here.

Capture the Flag

This update also unveils a popular PvP mainstay, Capture the Flag mode! Infiltrate the enemy's base, seize their flag, and return it safely to your own. The team with the most captures wins! Capture the Flag mode is supported on the following maps:

  • Hot Dam
  • King of the Jungle
  • Area 51
  • Power Struggle
  • Financial Ruin
  • Black Gold Rush
  • Russian Front
  • Killville
  • Final Boarding
  • Chopping Mall
  • Last Resort
  • End of the Line
  • Tourist Trap