This Halloween, ZMR goes in search of a cure for the zombie plague threatening all of mankind. All we need now are a few test subjects...

This massive update features Patient Zero, an infectious new competitive mode, plus 8 new horrifying maps, 30 new weapons, 13 new spooky costumes, and a new Head Hunter event mode.

New Mode

Patient Zero

New this Halloween, Patient Zero drops mercenary volunteers into a secluded research facility where the enemy is already among you, and you won't know who until the round starts.

The human players have to kill Patient Zero as fast as possible, because every time Patient Zero kills one of the humans, the dead human comes back as a zombie! If even one human survives, the humans win! If not, well...there are always plenty more test subjects where you came from.

New Guns

  • The Remedy

    This dual-shot, pump-action shotgun has one purpose: Putting down your buddies before they turn into monsters...or just after. Use with caution.

  • The Antidote

    This heavy revolver has been modified to fire eight zombie-killing rounds. If they don't do the trick,
    nothing will.

  • The Cure

    Need to fill an Infected human with a lot of bullets really fast? This support LMG is specifically designed for use against Infected humans.

  • Guardian Angel

    This assault rifle will bring you tidings of joy! And remember: Every time a zombie drops, an angel
    gets its props.

  • Patron Saint

    Whenever you get a zombie in the sights of this assault rifle, just remember: You're doing the
    Lord's work.

  • Wrath of God

    Strike down with great vengeance and furious anger, with this double-barreled ZK shotgun made for the hands of the righteous.

New Maps

  • In-Sanitarium

    A condemned asylum is the newest battleground in the war against the undead.

  • Last Resort

    A popular destination for skiers, Dominion invasion forces, and mercenaries.

  • Lost Mountain

    Mayhem awaits you in this mountain village with the misfortune to be strategically valuable.

  • Isolation

    A lost temple somewhere in South America might hold the key to curing the zombie plague.

  • Forbidden City

    There’s a new emperor in the palace—and he’s got an army of zombies!

  • Quarantine

    A long-forgotten tomb is the primary facility for necrovirus research.

  • Meat Locker

    Corporate is sending you into the slaughterhouse...literally.

  • Doomtown Abbey

    An abandoned cathedral just became the front line of the war with the Dominion.

New Costumes

  • Hellspawn

  • Zombie Hunter

  • Gunwitch

  • Count Noir

  • Candy Striper

  • Gunpowder

Limited Time Events

Skin & Bones

Scare the life out of your opponents by wearing the Boneskin gear set! Collecting each piece will tax your sanity and harrow your very soul—but it's worth it, for the shock value alone!

  • Boneskin boots and gloves (+10% EXP and gold rewards respectively): Complete the Heart of Steel mission series.
  • Boneskin pants (reduces lower body damage):
    Available in the silver Shooting Gallery.
  • Boneskin top (reduces upper body damage):
    Available in the gold Shooting Gallery.
  • Pumpkinhead (prevents gas damage):
    Available in the Pumpkin Pack bundle.

The Heart of Steel mission series offering the Boneskin boots and gloves is only available until 11:59 p.m. PDT on Friday, October 31. You can win the Boneskin pants and top from the silver and gold shooting gallery until our next update in late November.

Head Hunter Mode

Get your head in the game! In the new Head Hunter PvP mode, every opponent you kill makes your head just a little bit bigger. Reach the maximum head size without dying, and you'll get a random heavy weapon...and become temporarily invulnerable.

Head Hunter mode will be available on select PvP maps for a limited time.