In 2015, Zombies Monster Robots promises to put a merc on the Moon!

For the first time ever in ZMR, we present three themed maps, linked together to tell the story of mankind's return to its deserted base on the Moon!

So gear up and get ready for ZMR's most breathtaking adventures yet!


Mission Control (Assault Operations)

Over a decade ago, thanks to the advent of threshold technology, the world's governments established the Multinational Moon Base, a sprawling, high-tech complex on the lunar surface, dedicated to science and peace.

Then, when the Dominion attacked, we lost contact. We recently revived the mothballed space shuttle program to take us back to the Moon—but the Dominion sent the infamous Commander Stone to make sure our shuttle mission never gets off the ground!

Moonstruck (Kill Every Thing)

The Multinational Moon Base was supposed to be a bastion of science and learning—until the Dominion invaded and the communications went dark.

After months with no contact from the MMB, we finally return to the Moon, to restore power and oxygen to the base, and at long last recover the bodies of the dead.

It's exactly the opportunity the dead were waiting for...

Final Frontier (Threshold Defense)

The Dominion conquered their own Moon long ago, and used its resources to build not just a vast military base, but a powerful superlaser designed to sear the skies of planet Earth.

But they could only point that weapon at their own world...until now. With the help of the ambitious traitor Doctor Swift, the Dominion now threatens our Earth—unless you can stop them!


  • The Grid

    Corporate's virtual training arena is every bit as deadly as the real thing!

  • Panic Room

    When the shredders can't erase corporate's dirty little secrets, you need an industrial-strength incinerator.


  • AA12-ZK

    A full-auto shotgun re-engineered for corpse disposal. Stops the dead...well, dead!

  • Assault M1100-A4L

    We took the world's most popular shotguns and made it even better! And it makes Dominion troops really, really sad!

  • SIG-553-ZK

    The best features of the world-famous SIG-553, paired with the power to put zombies down in droves!

  • Assault DS9A

    This SMG might be on the small side, but you won't hear the Dominion complaining!


You can't go into the void in the same old gear you wear to fight dinosaurs!

So this update provides you with seven new, space-themed costumes, including:

  • Void Commando (M/F)

    We combined all the latest high-tech combat gear into one package that also makes you look like a total badass!

  • Viper (F)

    Strike without warning in this neoprene-coated nylon ripstop catsuit. Optional super-badass plasma cutter sold separately!