Mummy See Mummy Doom

Word to Your Mummy

Some enemies don't just invade our dimension—they overwrite it. Whole cities in China and Egypt are gone, replaced with nightmarish versions of ancient worlds, teeming with hordes of undead horrors.

New Maps

New Guns and New Gear

  • Anubis Bow

    Why kill a zombie when you can kill all the zombies? This crossbow fires a spread of bolts to keep the undead hordes at bay!

  • Fury of Nagual

    Separate the spirit from the flesh with this gold-inlaid, zombie-killing LMG from ancient Egypt!

  • Hawker ZK-1

    Discovered in the tomb of Pharaoh Akhenaten—a 3,000-year-old SMG designed for sending the undead straight
    to Hell!

  • Anubis ZK107

    Unleash the hound of war! This ancient artifact was mowing down zombies when western civilization was still huddling
    in caves.

New Game Mode

Blood Diamonds

When you kill opponents in Blood Diamonds mode, they drop several gems. Move through gems to collect them. Then carry them to one of the drop-offs to score points. But if you're killed while carrying gems, you drop them all, making them fair game for your opponents.

More From the Tomb

  • Get more Guns

    Lock and load with old-timey classics like the M1921, Desert SCAR-H, Winchester 1897, and more.

  • PvP Ladder

    Introducing our inaugural PvP Ladder season! For more info on times, dates, and prizes, click here.

  • Patch Notes

    For more details on what’s included in this update, check out our patch notes.