Double EXP Long Weekend!

by denommenator

Celebrate the long weekend with double experience!

Gain double EXP this weekend, Sept. 2–6!

It's Labor Day weekend and that means barbecues, beer, and an extra day off to do what you do best–slay zombies and dominion invaders!

Starting right now and running through Sept. 6 at 11 a.m. PDT, you’ll earn double experience rewards from every map you complete!

Got some EXP Boosts just collecting dust in your locker? Put them to good use this weekend by stacking them on top of the bonus granted from the Double EXP Weekend! Here’s how:

  • EXP Boost: Further increases your EXP gain per map by 65%; available in the Rep store.
  • Double EXP Boost: Increases your EXP gain by 100%; available in the EMP store.
  • VIP Access card: Increases your EXP gain by 50%; available in the EMP store.

Just keep in mind that this weekend’s double EXP bonus stacks with the VIP Access bonus to EXP, and either the EXP Boost or the Double EXP Boost item. (But the EXP Boost and Double EXP Boost don’t stack with each other, so unless you’ve got an EXP Boost lying around gathering dust, get yourself a Double EXP Boost.)

The Double EXP Weekend only lasts until Tuesday, August 6 at 10: a.m. PDT, so don't waste a second of this opportunity to boost your rank at double speed!

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