Enhance Your Play with Another Way to Buy EMP

by denommenator

We’ve added BoaCompra to make it easier to buy EMP!

Buy EMP with BoaCompra!

En Masse Entertainment is pleased to announce that we have partnered with BoaCompra, one of the largest online game companies in Latin America, to add new payment options specifically designed with our Latin American players in mind.

Through BoaCompra we have expanded our EMP payment options to include bank transfers, cash payments, and BoaCompra Gold in addition to credit cards and PayPal. BoaCompra allows you to purchase EMP using your local currency and provides online chat support in Portuguese, Spanish, or English during the purchase process.

Now, when you want to purchase EMP through our web store, just go to https://store.enmasse.com/zmr/emp and select BoaCompra as your preferred payment method.

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