VIP Store Updates for September

by denommenator

Free weapons and more in the VIP store from now until Sept. 28!

Free VIP Items!

From now until Wednesday, September 28 at 11 a.m. PDT, you’ll have access to the following free weapons, tech, and gear in the VIP store:

  • Jolly Roger (M)
  • Jolly Roger (F)
  • Nemesis AR epic
  • Assault Bayonetta assault rifle
  • Scorching Super 90 shotgun
  • Desert Eagle 10 in. sidearm
  • QBZ-03 assault rifle
  • M12 submachine gun
  • Tread Dampener tech
  • Deluxe Shrapnel Magnet tech

Each of the above items are free to use for seven days and can be renewed once each week. If you’re a VIP player, just log into Zombies Monsters Robots, drop by the VIP store, and buy them for zero EMP! It couldn’t be easier!

Still not convinced that you’re ready to be a ZMR VIP? Don’t forget that VIPs also get a 50 percent boost to gold rewards and EXP from every map, match, and campaign! Those bonuses stack with other boosts as well. Plus, the lobbies you create automagically float to the top of the lobby list. Your name also shows up in red in chats, so that everybody knows that a VIP walks among them!

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